Stratosphere Rides and Stratosphere Jump off the Tallest Building in Vegas


5.0 84 What. A freakin’. Night. Between the Stratosphere rides and the jump, it was crazy. Seriously, I jumped off the tallest tower in Las Vegas – the Stratosphere tower Las Vegas. Technically it’s not the tallest building in Lreas Vegas as it’s not fully habitable. That would be the…

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Skydiving Oahu: Pacific Skydiving Honolulu


5.0 05 Skydiving Oahu – Pacific Skydiving Honolulu: My very first jump! Wow. How can I even begin this? I’ve been travelling the world for almost five years straight, but to experience skydiving? Totally different story. Yep, I was going skydiving for the first time – skydiving Oahu to be exact, with Pacific…

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