Nude Resorts: From Caliente to Hedonism II – The Best Hedonist Playgrounds

Nude Resorts: From Caliente to Hedonism II – The Best Hedonist Playgrounds
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I spent most of the summer at Two Creeks Clothing Optional Campground, and had an absolute ball. What inspired this trip was my favourite place on earth, a clothing optional and nudist beach in Zipolite, Mexico. I decided to look into other places where I could let it all out. In my quest to find such a place, I came across a ton of nude resorts for the hedonist in all of us.

Unfortunately, I am not rich by any means. Though I have an incredible interest in nudist resorts and campgrounds, I really don’t have the money for that sort of thing. Well, perhaps a few days at a campground is affordable. But a resort like Hedonism II, or somewhere with all the glamour of 1950s Hollywood in a nudist resort? No way in hell could I afford that. And I’d really love to visit one of them. Who wants tan lines, anyways?!

Maybe I’d hate it, though. Maybe the people would be too hedonistic for my tastes. Or maybe it would be just the right amount of, “Woah.” I guess I’ll just have to save up some money and find out. In the meantime, here are the best places I’ve discovered for nude resorts and nudist camps.

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For the Hedonist in All of Us: Hedonistic Nude Resorts and Naked Beaches

Though I definitely want to try out a nudist resort, as of yet I’ve only gone to Two Creeks Clothing Optional Campgrounda and the nude beach that is Zipolite. I will be going to my second of the nudist camps this summer. But I did learn a whole lot. So here are the many hedonistic places I’m dying to go to – from the naked beach I adore so much, to crazy places like Caliente Resort. And they’e got this stuff all around the world. (Though there does seem to be a strange cluster in areas like the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and Florida.)

It’s important to note that most of the places I’ll be mentioning are not purely nudist places. We’re talking more about the hedonists here. These places are primarily geared towards swingers, exhibitionists, etc. Other than Zipolite, my home of choice, kids really shouldn’t be in these spots. Open sexuality is not exactly family friendly at these nude resorts.

Remember this: while many swingers are often also nudists, there’s a much smaller percentage of nudists that are swingers. If you’re looking for purely nudist places, you probably want to stick to the nude beaches, as the resorts and some of the campgrounds (though not all) tend to be more of the open love type of places.

My Naked Beach

No list of clothing optional and naked beaches would be complete without a giant shout out to my home. The place I love the most on earth is Zipolite. I spend more and more time here each year, this being my third year (and fifth time) here. I fell in love from day one. The people are so open minded, and come from all walks of life. Sure you’ll find those naked hippies – young and old – but you’ll also find the truck driver who’s never been anywhere of the sort. He just stripped down for the first time in his 50 years of life. He’s already booking his next trip to Zipolite.

While everyone comes from different backgrounds, the thing is that no one really cares. I don’t know what my buddies I meet do for a living. We don’t give a shit, really. We care who each other are. One thing that is really unique about Zipolite and many a nudist beach is that you don’t really have to have money to visit them. This sort of changes the type of crowd you’ll find.

While resorts like Caliente and Hedonism II require money to visit (and I’m talking even more money than your regular resort), Zipolite has accommodation for every budget range. You can stay in a ritzy hotel, like the Nude Hotel, or camp out like I do. This allows every budget to come, not just the rich guys who have saved up all year. This is my very favourite clothing optional beach in the whole world, and I love my time spent au natural. Or with clothes on. It just doesn’t matter what you do in Zipolite.

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Other Naked Beaches

I won’t even get into this one. There are naked beaches all over the world. These aren’t really geared towards swingers exactly, and you’d probably get in a little trouble if you just had sex out in the open on most of them. Most are for all ages, and are geared towards nudism rather than the explicit sexuality of the swinger resorts. The first one I went to was Wreck Beach in Vancouver. It’s actually on the University of British Columbia’s campus. Odd. But it’s good fun, and it feels like a music festival every day.

Some nude beaches are geared towards young people, much like Wreck Beach. Others tend to be the older folk who are comfortable in their own skin. Then there are places like Zipolite, which attract absolutely everyone. No matter where you are, if you’re near a warm beach, you can probably locate something. And if you can’t, just find yourself a secluded spot. No one cares when you bare it all if there’s no one around to say anything.

So on we go to the nude resorts…

Hedonistic Nude Resorts – Adults Only Resorts

Hedonism II

Why there are three Hedonism Resorts in Jamaica, yet everyone seems to go to Hedonism II, I simply don’t have the answer to. But this is the nudist resort everyone seems to visit. And from what I gather, it’s exactly what you think: pure hedonistic beauty on white sand beaches. It is arguably the most famous nudist resort in the world. The prices certainly reflect that.

I’d love to visit this hedonistic oasis and review it for you, alas, you’ll have to pay. I simply don’t have the kind of cash that’s required for nude resorts. I’m a permanent traveler, rather than the save up all year for one trip style.

Hedonism II boasts all the amenities of a normal resort, such as delicious restaurants, a hot tub, and fun water sports. But it has so much more. I mean, you can go naked practically everywhere, for one. They also have sexy theme nights, so make sure to check the schedule before you go and explore your wild side. You do not want to miss dressing to the nines for one of these events at one of the most popular nude resorts.

Even a Playground

There’s even the Romping Shop Playroom, where people are allowed to go play as they please. It’s open to couples, single women, and single men who are invited in. It may sound sexist at the outset, but come on, it makes sense. No one wants a perv lurking around. They want real people who are going to come and enjoy the fun, not just hide in the background. So fear not, men! You are totally allowed in, you just need an invite, which really shouldn’t be hard to get.

So if you have the cash, head on over to Hedonism II and play in the gorgeous white sand, the luxury hotel rooms… and more.

Caliente Resort

Not only do I have a ton of nudist and swinger friends tell me about this hedonistic nude resort, but it happens to live right near Tampa, Florida. Coincidentally, so does my aunt who I visit every year. Could this be any more convenient?

Yes, yes it could. They could give me a free stay in exchange for a review. Now that would be convenient. A free stay at a nude resort and spa? I could get on board with that. Hey Caliente, are you reading this? I want to give you a raving review!

Again, Caliente Resort has everything you’d imagine from a resort… and much, much more. Of course there are the normal things like tennis courts and delicious meals. But how about some nude recreation? Keen to do some naked yoga? You got it. How about a steamy dress up party with live music? Or maybe you’re more into learning how to pole dance? Do it naked – the right way. Caliente has you covered. Their website doesn’t divulge a whole hell of a lot, but one thing is for sure: if they aren’t telling us what’s going on, it’s totally going on. Nude resorts are like that. They like to keep things private, but you know it’s not so private when you arrive.

Desires Resorts

Yet another wonderful sand beach resort, Desires clothing optional resort has several locations in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. I told you, they’re totally clustered in Florida and this area of Mexico. There is both the Riviera Maya Pearl Resort, and the Riviera Maya Resort (because they could not be bothered getting original with naming). Both are nude resorts.

One thing that sets Desires Resorts apart from the others – for better or worse – is that it’s couples only. Yes, this is for the swingers, the lifestylers. No unicorns allowed, to the dismay of many. (A unicorn, in the lifestyle world, is a single female ready for action, essentially.) Many swingers like to purely swap with other couples, while others love finding these mystical unicorns and having fun as a group. Seriously, I learned a lot about the lifestyle this summer at Two Creeks, despite never being in it. A girl can be incredibly intrigued and immerse herself while still being monogamous.

Of course, nudity is also the norm here too, but is not required.

Desires also has cruises one can go on – which must be a trip in itself. A swinger cruise, you say? Colour me intrigued.

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Temptation Cancun

Another nudist resort in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Temptation Cancun is a great option. This place is topless-optional, so I’m not quite sure if you can strip down completely from what their website says. Still, it’s a total swinger haven in Mexico. Just like many of the others, it has a playground and everything for you to play out your deepest desires (safely, of course). Actually, this one doesn’t just have playground. It has several. Oh yeah, it sure does. From the pool to the beach to the club, it has it all. Mingle while topless at the pool, then bring it to your room for some steamier times. Lifestylers rejoice! This is a swinger’s garden of Eden.

Other Hedonistic Nude Resorts

Okay, there isn’t time in the world to describe them all. Having not been to any of these resorts either, and knowing they keep many things under wraps, I can only tell you so much. What I can tell you are some other big names in the world of hedonism to check out. Worth noting are Hidden Beach in Mexico, Couples Tower Isle in Jamaica, The Natural in Curacao, and La Jenny in France. God knows I’ve missed a ton of them. I guess you’ll have to send me where you want to go. I can test the waters for you and give you a full low down on what it’s like.

Nudist Camps

Two Creeks Campground

I can’t very well write such an article without a shout out to Two Creeks Campground in northern Minnesota. While it’s not a nude resort, it’s a nude campground… arguably better in many ways.

Resting somewhere in between the Twin Cities and Duluth, Two Creeks is a sight to behold. It lies on 100 acres of land, beckoning your inner hedonist in. While there are many clothing optional campgrounds suitable for people of all ages, this is certainly not one of them.

Nudism is definitely part of the camp, but that’s not everything. It’s for swingers, people into BDSM, exhibitionist, gay camping, whatever you like. Yeah, definitely not a place for kids. So the grounds are for people aged 21+. I’ve definitely seen it all at Two Creeks Campground, but you’ll have to check it out for yourself to really know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you can use your imagination, however!

I had my birthday last year at this very campground, and man, was it rowdy! No one judges in this place, and people are free to do as they please. Having sex in public? No problem. Virtual gang bang going down? No one is bothered. And if you are, you simply walk away to another area of the giant grounds. It’s really no big deal.

Don’t worry, there are other nudist camps that favor purely nudism. These ones are a bit too strict for my liking, to be honest. You can’t put sunscreen on your wife? Um, weird. So if you’re on the wilder side, check out the nudist camps that are for people in the lifestyle and everything.

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Freedom Valley Campground

Not to be confused with Freedom Valley Gay Campground in Ohio (which I’m sure is a treat as well, but not being a gay man, I may be a bit out of place). Freedom Valley Campground is much like Two Creeks Campground, in that it is 21+ for swingers, nudists, exhibitionists, and the list goes on. Basically, if you have an open mind, you’re welcome at Freedom Valley Campground. I haven’t yet been to Freedom Valley Campground, but I’m eager to visit this nudist oasis in Wisconsin. This summer will be my second time visiting a nudist camp, and this is the one I’ve chosen. How will it compare to Two Creeks? I haven’t a clue… yet. Report back in a few months for the full low down on what this place has to offer.

While a bit smaller than Two Creeks, it boasts all the same things – the openness of people and everything. You can do as you please, as long as you let others do as they will. No means no, and that’s about it. Oh, and obviously no kids. Doing as you want it great, but let’s all be honest here: kids should not be in such a picture. Leave the little ones at home, and come out for some fun. Maybe you’ll see me camping there!

Camp NCN

This one is also located in Wisconsin, and to be honest, I know little about it. All I really know is it’s 18+ (which is a nice change for the younger people wishing to explore who aren’t quite 21). It’s for everyone from nudists to swingers to exhibitionists, just like the other ones, and is spread across 60 acres of land. As in true swinger resort and campground spirit, they divulge little on their website. Yep, I guess I’ll just have to go check this one out while I’m at it this summer, won’t I?

Also, does anyone know why these nudist camps seem to all be clustered together in the northern United States? It’s a bit odd. It seems there are areas with the nude resorts, and areas with the nudist camps. You’ll just have to take a few flights this year to hit them all up.

So Try Out a Nude Resort, Why Don’t You?!

Curious about any of the places I’ve mentioned? Yeah, me too. Horribly, insanely intrigued about these nude resorts. So maybe it’s time to hop on a plane, and decide how to spend that money you’ve been saving up for a rainy day. I mean, I can’t think of many better experiences for the swingers out there than to visit an extravagant nude resort. Bring me with you to the nude resorts, would ya?


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