Back to the Future

A short ponder on my part in regards to a saying I heard today.

The Aymara people of South America considered: “The future is unseen, originating behind you. The past is seen, always in front of you.”

I wanted to read more into this as it intrigues me. Something bothered me in my research, though.

All these scholars, or random blogs, whatever be the case, seem to bring about complications I don’t believe existed. Our modern world, much of the time, over thinks things, causing a blur.

Every article I read indicated that the Aymara people have a reversed sense of time. This is unique and strange, and I cannot wrap my head around it. I am trying, and shall continue, but it seems rather inconceivable to me.

To me, though, the saying is simple, and scholars have simply torn apart a simple age old saying of a culture unlike ours.

How I feel: the past is ahead for it is what we can see. It is what we know.

The future is unknown. Our eyes see it not, nor need they. The future lies behind us because there is no sense in seeking it out.

We seek to resolve the past, accept it, embrace it even. But we should never seek the future. For it will come with our backs turned.

Our pasts are carried with us in plain sight to help us with what may come next. What may come next, however, does nothing to aid in past nor future endeavors.


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