Ask and ye shall receive

Pineapple goodness!

After a swim in the luxurious resort pool, I caught a bus from the resort today, with the intention of going to the grocery store. As we traveled down the road, however, I realised I wanted to continue on. So I went to the Dole plantation.Dole!

I was literally on the verge of purchasing my $10 ticket for a train ride around the pineapple (and other splendid things) plantation – I had handed over my money and all – when a guy ran up to me and handed me his ticket! He said, “have you paid yet? I’m not going to use this!” I happily took it and got my money back, and as I bounced over to thank him he told me that he’d actually just done the tour, but they hadn’t taken his ticket! What beautiful chance that he should give it to me – an insanely broke solo backpacker just excited to see where her pineapples way up north came from!

Pineapples upon pineapples!After the train tour I had the most delicious pineapple frozen yogurt topped with pineapple. I mean, I knew this was a specialty you could only get at the Dole plantation, and I knew it would be amazing… But you can’t even imagine HOW amazing it was. It’ll be odd the first time I have a pineapple back home; I’ll imagine the giant fields they are grown in, and I’ll know that each one was planted and picked by hand in this beautiful place.

Oh, and side note – I was a bit peckish before the train ride, so I bought a bag of chips at the gift store. As I was eating these deliciously spicy chips, I noticed the bag: “flavored Feb 27/13” … My chips were flavored just 3 days ago. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a fresh bag of chips. Yummy.

The day progressed and I began to feel loneliness setting in once more. I hopped on the couchsurfing website and wrote quite an honest post, flat out saying, “will you be my friend?”

Turtle Bay ResortWhen I returned to the resort the feeling of loneliness was still going strong. I felt a bit weird talking to the people around me. The thing is, I’m not suppose to be here, so when people ask how I’m liking the festival and other such things relating to yoga, I have to lie a bit. Anyone who knows me knows I can’t lie. So my responses were mainly, “oh ya I’m having a great time, it’s so beautiful here, everyone is so cheerful, blablabla.” It’s hard to break out of small talk when you can’t even honestly do the small talk part.

So I was feeling down. Yes, in a gorgeous resort, so sue me. I was on Facebook and noticed a couple of friends had posted a TED talk by Amanda Palmer. Recognizing a loved singer of mine’s name right away, I was curious and watched it. (Click here to see it!)

Though you must see it for yourself, the main point was that we musn’t be afraid to ask. Ask for help, in whatever form that may be – ask fans to donate to her music, rather than force them… Ask on couchsurfing if anyone would sell their old camera for cheap, or give me a bed, or be my friend! Ask.

It reminded me of what I already knew. We must be open to the beauty the world has to offer, and we must face what scares us. Ask.

I had one couchsurfer tell me he and a couple Germans from the site were going kayaking tomorrow. At first I told him I’d let him know tomorrow, as I was just feeling a bit down and didn’t want to make solid plans with a stranger. After watching the TED talk and thinking about it, though, I realised my hesitation was ridiculous. I asked, and I received. I’ve been wanting to go kayaking again since I use to go with my best friend and her dad 10 long years ago. I was feeling lonely and needed people to talk to. I didn’t know where I’d go tomorrow, as this yoga retreat has ended and all the campers will be leaving tomorrow.

Ask. Then take what the universe so graciously has provided.

So I’ve set my alarm for bright and early to make it down to who-the-hell-knows-where to meet my new friends, see a new place, and finally paddle happily along in a kayak again.

Just ask. The universe will provide if you only open yourself up to the opportunities. I wouldn’t be lying in my tent at a famous resort if I hadn’t.

Update from the bus on my way to Kaneohe to meet new friends and kayak at long last: I was terrified that when funds run out I’d have to return to Edmonton for a month. That city is just poisonous to me, and I can’t express how detrimental to my health it would be being there, but my family is all there. I asked my good friend in Campbell River if I could stay with her for April and help her out in every way I can. I awoke to a reply from my goddess: yes. Ask, and be open. The universe will provide.

I am reminded of a very close friend who asked my best friend and I if she could stay on our couch for January. At the time we didn’t know her terribly well but we certainly enjoyed her, and we said yes. We gave her a home for a month, and she gave us a beautiful new friendship. If you ask me? She gave us something far more powerful than the couch we gave her.

Had she never asked we never would have offered. It’s not that we wouldn’t have wanted to, but we wouldn’t have known she needed us to offer. Too often we expect others to just KNOW. But it’s rare that others know exactly that thing we need so badly… Unless we express it to them.

Thank you universe, and thank you to each and every person whose journeys are intertwined with my own… So thank you to every person who has ever and will ever exist. Thank you.


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