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At the Kulth music festival

Well, I suppose an update is in order!

Life has been a pretty big whirlwind in the past couple of weeks. I was going to stay in Vancouver for a few days, but I woke up one morning just knowing with all my heart and soul that it was time to go home. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face or contain my excitement. So my favorite aussie, Alec, and I set out on the ferry ride home. We continued to hang out nearly everyday until he left to go back to Australia. Funny how our friendship grew to such a higher level in our last week and a half together. Still, I’m happy I got to see him before I left, which never would have happened had I come home when I initially intended to. I felt a bit lost when he left, somehow that strange man (dear readers, you have no idea, none whatsoever, and even if you’ve met him, you have very little clue how strange he really is. And this is why he is my favorite) became my closest friend in this city. Odd how these things go.

Ferry ride home!

Ferry ride home!

Anyway, this weekend I went to the Kulth music festival, which is just up island in Coombs. It was my second year volunteering there, and only the festival’s second year running. Last year there were only 5 tents, and it got majorly rained out, so very few people showed up even for just the day. I was relieved to see so many more tents the moment I walked in this time. I had a wonderful time last year splashing around in the rain with the few others, but I want to see this festival grow and keep going for years to come! The tagline for the Kulth is the folk festival with an edge, and it’s exactly that. It’s so much fun and way more my pace than big electronic festivals like Shambhala (she says anticipating Shambhala in just over 2 weeks…) It’s really lovely because you meet people and then actually see them again. The friendships have the opportunity to grow.
Last year I went alone, not knowing a soul. This year a few friends joined me, 2 of them being Marlene and Nate – close friends of mine who I met a year ago at the Kulth!

I didn’t really know any of the bands playing before I got there, but oh man am I in love with some new ones now! The only band I knew was Acres of Lions, but I only knew one song of theirs (and flipped out when they played it!) Nate told me that the bassist from the band saw me and actually STOPPED PLAYING for a moment. Nate said to stop distracting the talent. I suppose when you’re bouncing around in a corset, a tutu, wearing a ton of body paint, and carrying a 6 foot tall stick… well, it makes you rather noticeable. I was definitely the most dressed up person in the entire festival.

I fell in love with the Boom Booms, the headliners of the festival. While on parking duty for volunteering they rolled in and were just insanely friendly and awesome from the get go. I seem to have met a couple of the guys after the show, but hell I was so drunk it’s but a vague memory. I made friends with an older lady, probably in her 40’s, and her daughter who was 14. Brianna, the 14 year old, was totally in love with Tom from the Boom Booms, who I now am also in love with. So they were the ones who introduced me to some band members. Pretty swell!

On a different note, I feel a struggle within myself. I am incredibly happy for the most part and adapting back into “real life” pretty quickly. I found an apartment for my best friend and I within 48 hours of being back in Victoria. But part of me is still worried that I may fall back into old patterns. Before I left Vancouver my friend Scott said to think of it as a video game – the second time around you know where not to fall in the pits. As odd as it sounds, I feel like the stick is anchoring me. It serves as a constant reminder of where I’ve been, and the things that brought me back to myself. Plus it keeps me weird as hell. Hey, if I can walk around the city wearing beach clothes and carrying a giant stick, I can do anything with no shame at all!

Anyway, that’s all for now. My adventures continue!


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